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    Maga International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a Class A international forwarding agency enterprise approved by the Ministry of Commerce of China, and a Contract-Abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise awarded by Qingdao Administration for Industry and Commerce. The Company has obtained the Non-vessel Operating Common Carrier Certificate (NVOCC Certificate No.MOC-NV05029) issued by the Ministry of Communications. As an important member of Qingdao Logistics Association, Tianjin Logistics Association, China Federation of Logistics and World Cargo Alliance (WCA), Maga International Logistics Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Qingdao, has branches at several harbors around China such as Tianjin, Shanghai, and has high-quality international agency service networks in more than 40 countries all around the world. 
    The main sea transportation business of Maga is providing professional international logistics forwarding agency service for international import and export enterprises. The Company has formed an overall and one-stop logistics service system in container, special container, RO/RO, Breakbulk field which covering air transportation, land transportation, frontier delivery, custom clearance, quarantine inspection application, project logistics, logistics consultation, and logistics solution design, etc.
    To provide you the most perfect logistics solution is our mission and MAGA has gradually showed its core competitiveness in all kinds of vehicle transportation agency after more than 10 years focus development. 
    For vehicle products import and export transportation, Maga provides customer one-stop services from transportation program design to the factory in vehicle picking-up, inspection, waxing, packing, measure, customs clearance, shipping reinforcement, destination port transshipment and follow-up tracking no matter in round vehicle or KD. 
    MAGA has provided “safety, high-quality, timely” in logistics transportation services to a lot of large scale enterprises, such as SINOTRUK, SHACMAN, JAC, Shaanxi Automobile Group, Yutong Bus, Zhongtong Bus and so on. We worked on breakbulk, RO Ro transportation for over 300,000 ton and more than 50,000 TEU containers. 
    To create MAGA the world brand and excellent international logistics supplier is our goal. We have targeted at the relentless pursuit of self transcendence and constant trust from the society. MAGA will provide the logistics service through the professional and comprehensive international logistics service system, the pragmatic and innovative service concept, and the international service network in order to helping customers to build the competitive international trade.

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Southeast Asia:
Taiwan / Thailand / Vietnam / Philippines / Malaysia / Indonesia, large ticket freight rate can be applied separately.

Middle East
In the Middle East, there are free flights from late June to early July, the positions are tight, the weight of small containers is limited, and the freight rate is pushed up by 100 / 200

India and Pakistan
The price of India and Pakistan is basically unchanged, OOCL is still heavily limited to 13T / 20t, and YML continues to stop shipping in June

Crimson Sea
Most of the non-stop ships are empty in June, while the non-stop ships are on duty on June 14. The position has been blown out, and light goods are preferred. It needs to be arranged in advance, and the transshipment route can also be considered. The price is still on the high side.

For European routes, after June 15, 2021, the freight rate will increase by 500 / 1000. At the end of the month, the position was tight, and the actual order applied for the position in advance.

mediterranean sea:
Mediterranean and North Africa prices continue to rise, tight positions at the end of the month, there are physical cargo ahead of time

West Africa and North Africa:
West Africa: freight rates rose 300 / 600 after June 1. HPL has the lowest freight rate, but its position is tight. Other big shipowners: COSCO PIL one three ships are relatively low shipowners in the market. The price of CMA PIL MSc is adjusted according to the market dynamics of MSK. West Africa focuses on the direct service from COSCO to APAPA one Lome on Friday, and the freight rate keeps up with the market level. MSK West Africa route large ticket goods can apply for special price according to the market, tire steel product name has special price. PIL on Wednesday direct Tema, Lome, APAPA, onne, open positions, price advantage.

Central and South America:
The price of South America and West continues to rise, and it is expected to rise sharply in the latter ten days. The price of South America and East is relatively stable. Please confirm the price and position separately when you have the goods

South East Africa, Australia and New Zealand:
East Africa: at the end of June, the price is still in the state of price increase, the price increase range is about 300 / 600, the position is tight at the end of the month, the direct ship is PIL, the earliest direct ship is 6.28, and other transshipment can be arranged at the same time, and the shipping schedule has been updated in the system
South Africa: the price is still rising at the end of June. South Africa has a direct normal arrival on Tuesday, but there is a Toban phenomenon.
Australia and New Zealand: Australia's 300 / 600 increase at the end of June is tight, and the one online price has advantages, and the class also needs to be implemented separately; PIL will not connect with the South Pacific for the time being, and one will connect with New Zealand in May. It can be implemented separately if it has goods

Special case:
Philippines / Thailand, Vietnam / India / Mediterranean / South Africa / West Africa, abundant container sources and positions, freight advantage

June 20-30, Shanghai - Jeb Ali
June 25 - July 10 Tianjin - Tema, Lagos
July 1 - July 10 Tianjin Cotonou
June 25 - July 10 Tianjin - Dar es, Mombasa
At present, the price is rising, the price fluctuates greatly, and the actual bill is checked.

Roll on / roll off:
West Africa: Qingdao to Tema, Dakar, Abidjan in early August
Southeast Asia: Lianyungang to Manila in early July; 7.9 Tianjin 7.12 Shanghai to Singapore, Lin Chaban, Singapore, basheng, Jakarta
China, the United States and the Caribbean: 7.6/7.17 Shanghai to Kingston, Paramaribo, St. Martin, etc
South America and West: Shanghai and Tianjin to kayao and San Antonio at the end of July and the beginning of August

By air:
For inquiry, please provide the name of goods, weight, size, destination port airport and expected delivery date. Due to the shortage of shipping space and poor timeliness of quotation, please communicate with customers in advance. After the quotation, individual remote port booking to confirm the price, endurance do not require time.

The whole country can receive goods to the whole container of US $Allah in Almaty Tashkent; Lianyungang Tashkent / Almaty LCL, whole territory delivery and customs clearance

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